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MTG Singles - Now Available @ The Gamer's Armory

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The Gamer’s Armory officially started selling MTG Singles on Wednesday, October 2, 2013.
We will not be purchasing or trading singles; we are strictly selling them.
Our pricing is non-negotiable.
**In-Store purchases ONLY!
MTG Singles will not be available for online Web Store purchases!

We have two small binders at the Front Register with a list of our current inventory available for Customers to browse through to see which cards are available and the price of each.
Upon deciding which singles you would like to purchase, please fill out a Pick Sheet (also available at the Front Register).
You will need to provide your First and Last Name, the date, the card number(s) you would like to purchase and the quantity of each.
Please do not fill in the Price column; our Staff Member will fill it in for you.
Please hand your Pick Sheet to a Staff Member when you are ready to complete you purchase.
Our Staff Member will pull the cards for you and inform you if we do not have enough of a specific card to fill your specified quantity.

MTG Singles can be purchased just like any other item in our Store.
You can pay using cash, debit, credit, prize or gift certificates and you can use rewards as payment as long as your transaction is $10.00 or more.
Purchases of MTG Singles will also count towards customer reward points.
All MTG Singles purchases are final.
We will not return/refund any purchase of MTG Singles.

Last Updated on Friday, 04 October 2013 17:38  

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Winner's Circle:

Settlers of Catan US Pre-Qualifier - January 31st:
1. Reynaldo Diaz
2. Roger Sutton
3. Clark Goldentyre
4. Brendan Collopy
5. Caitlin Rivera
6. Rodney Daw
7. Kaira Wagoner
8. Jeff Bradberry

MTG Shadows over Innistrad Prerelease Midnight Sealed
1. Corey Lerch
2. Chan Loun
3. Jackson Williams
4. Robert Gaddy
5. Jonathan Edwards
6. Preston Kiser
7. Nathan Barton
9. William Bloodworth
9. Max Dancik
10. Daniel Carta
11. Michelle Gaddy
12. James Keim


MTG Shadows over Innistrad Prerelease Saturday Sealed
1. James Nichols
2. Jess Beasley
3. Matthew Gandy
4. Kevin Kline
5. Daniel Ligouri
6. Yacob Malik
7. Nicholas Hyde
8. Jeremy Spencer
9. Nick Deal
10. Christian Byrnes
11. Andres Samaniego
12. Alexander Blanton
13. Andrew Clarke
14. Stepahnie Mcnally
15. Daniel Gallagher
16. Bart Bressler
17. Lance Olson
18. Soumitra Choudury
19. Vincent Dallura
20. Ken Van Sciver
21. Travis Brown

MTG Shadows over Innistrad Prerelease 2 Headed Giant
1. Beasley- Jayakaren
2. Holmes - Holmes
3. Fair - Hupfield
4. Rhinebarger - Rhinebarger
5. Palmer - Sposit
6. Lerch - Barton
7. Choudhury - Mabie
8. Baker - Grabowski

MTG Shadows over Innistrad Prerelease Sunday Sealed
1. Robert Gaddy
2. Andrew Mcintosh
3. Lance Olson
4. Jordan Parsons
5. Jeremy Spencer
6. Jackson Williams
7. Sandi Albery
8. Bart Bressler
9. Erik Lundblad
10. Jason Smith
11. Ken Van Sciver
12. Carter Hamilton
13. Patrick Povielli