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The Gamer's Armory Customer Comments

Customer Comments

"Finally there is a local game store that I feel comfortable hanging out at! :) This is the first game store I've felt truly at home in. The atmosphere is fun, friendly, and safe and I can always find someone to play with! Crystal and Scott have really done an awesome job making the store a great place to be! My husband and I have really enjoyed the events and amenities offered by the store and we look forward to gaming there for many years! :)"

"You are a wonderful addition to the local gaming community. I've been coming to the shop for less than a year, but it already feels like a long-time friend. Thank you for all the effort you've put into making everyone feel welcome."

"The Gamer's Armory is certainly awesome, and is an excellent place for gamers to call their home store.  It's the single best place to play games of any kind in the area, hands down.  We give our support because we want to be able to enjoy the Armory and the games we play."

"The Gamer's Armory is amazing, the environment got me completely back into games.   I had fallen out of interest for a while but when I happened upon the Armory I definitely regrew my interest, and Scott and Crystal helped me add to my already large Fantasy Flight Games collection.  The people are inviting and friendly, and every week I see more new faces and more new games!  My favorite perk is that when Scott isn't hard at work he sneaks away to play a game.   Unfortunately, he's very easy to defeat.   But they say those who can't win sell!    ;-)"

"I would like to thank you guys for not only opening a store very convenient to my home, not only for allowing us a place to play whatever random minis game the wind blows our way but also for being good, down-to-earth and friendly people.  It is a great pleasure every time I interact with you."

"I've bought from The Gamer's Armory online store before he opened the brick and mortar location. Very friendly to work with and great service. I was introduced to his store because of his ASL selection. Very deep selection for that system. It looks like he's expanding beyond board wargames, which is great. Now, if I only lived near Cary, NC. :) I wish you all the best in your new chapter of the business."

"I recently attended The Gamer's Armory ASL Game Day.  Before attending I e-mailed the Store to inquire if new Players would find someone willing to teach this somewhat complex game.  I got a reply, from Crystal, stating noobs are always welcome and I should show up and a good time would be guaranteed.  Crystal could not have been more correct.  Both Scott and another player, Jamey, did their best to help me out.  They even called a player who they thought was the best person to teach me the game and attempted to find out if he was showing up to the Game Day.  Thanks again Jamey and Scott for an extremely enjoyable day of ASL."


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