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Star Wars: Imperial Assault Regional Championship

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Please join us on Saturday, July 25, 2015 as we host the first ever Fantasy Flight Games Regional Championship for Star Wars: Imperial Assault held in North Carolina!


The Imperial Assault skirmish game is an exciting experience in which two players create armies using their favorite Star Wars characters. The armies then face each other on the battlefield in a winner-takes-all skirmish mission.  Army building has players not only choose the figures in their armies, but also which Command cards they wish to use.  Command cards have a wide range of special abilities, and add suspense and unexpected tactics.  Different combinations of figures and Command cards create wildly divergent experiences and open up unique strategies.


Event Details:


The store will open at 9:30 am for registration.  Round 1 will begin at 10:30 am.  Players can register the day of the event, or you can pre-register at our store in person or on the phone starting June 9, 2015.  The cost of the event will be $25.00, and refunds will be provided if a player cancels by July 18, 2015.


We will use FFG’s posted Imperial Assault Skirmish Tournament Rules to run the event.  We will be running 55 minute rounds, with an additional 10 minutes for setup.  The number of rounds will be determined by the number of participants in the event.  We will only use the legal maps and missions that are listed in the most current Tournament Rules.  Legal products usable by players will also be listed in the most current Tournament Rules.


Each player must bring all components needed for their army and games. This includes, but is not limited to, Deployment cards and corresponding figures, Command cards, dice, tokens, counters, and all map tiles and Mission cards for any legal skirmish missions. The TO is not expected to supply any game components to players.


We will be providing a pizza lunch for all participants.  We will have a variety of pizzas delivered between rounds so that players will not have to worry about leaving the store for lunch.  The pizza is provided as part of the event, so there will be no extra cost to the players.


In addition to the prizes in the FFG Regional kit, we will be raffling off other Star Wars related items during the day.  Several items in these free raffles will be items autographed by members of the cast of Star Wars Clone Wars, including Catherine Taber and Matt Lanter.  The autographed items are being provided by Catherine Taber, founder of Games for Soldiers.


We have heard that a detachment of local members of the 501st Legion will be on hand to observe the event, perhaps even a Rebel or two will attend.  So don’t be surprised if you see a Stormtrooper or even Vader watching your game!


One last note, we will be wrapping up our summer charity drive.  We collect DVDs, video games, and comics for Games for Soldiers.  This charity group sends out these donations to soldiers deployed to different parts of the world so that they can have some items to provide them with some entertainment and some relaxation.  If you happen to have any DVD movies, video games, or comics that you don’t want please bring them with you.  We will gather up the items and ship them to GFS.  More information can be found at


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